Software development

Rely on Genius Controls for the development of custom software and increase your productivity.

When it comes to selecting software, businesses usually have two options. The first one is to purchase packaged, "off the shelf" programs, while the second is to order a custom made software, tailored to the specific needs of the firm. Genius Controls offers you the second option, gladly listens to your business' s requirements, makes suggestions and creates software that will increase productivity and reliability of your work.


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Why would somebody choose to order a specialised software?

The benefits are many:


01 Packaged software will often include superfluous features that you don’t need for running your business, because it’s been made for a wide variety of users. It’s a compromise. On the contrary, specialised software is developped according to your business's needs and serves them in the most efficient way, including important features and functions. In other words, the software adjusts to the business and not vice versa.

02 Updates and adjustments of a custom made program can be made upon request. No need to wait for generic updates by the developers that may still not serve your requirements.

03 In the long term, specialised softwares tend to prove more cost effective.

04 A custom made software ensures the privacy of the business's processes and methods of functioning and organising it's work.

05 Upon completion of development, Genius Controls offers a training seminar for future users and direct technical support for any problem or query.



Software development

We create:

  • Desktop applications
  • Special applications for machinery control and supervision
  • Web applications and websites
  • Mobile applications for smartphones and tablets



Supported operating systems:

Supported Operating Systems



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