Bridge crane automations

Apply safety standards on your bridge cranes with the electronic systems of Genius Controls.


Genius Controls manufactures safety systems for bridge cranes to avoid accidental collisions, lifting overweight load and indicate movement with sirens and beacons. Our system is fully adaptable to any type of crane and it is ideal for acquiring safe operation certifications for your bridge cranes.


Bridge crane safety system - Main board
Bridge crane safety system

Our system includes:

  1. Main electronic board to be placed on the bridge.
  2. Proximity sensors to limit the bridge's movement along the rails and the trolley's movement along the bridge.
  3. LED beacon with long life span and visible even in bright places.
  4. Industrial siren configured for discreet operation, set to warn and not to bother the workforce.
  5. Mechanical load limiter to avoid lifting load heavier than allowed (optional).



Bridge crane safety system



  • System power supply voltage 240VAC or 12-24VDC
  • 6 outputs 5V or 12V
  • 6 outputs DPDT relays
  • 2 outputs for beacon and siren
  • Light indicators (LED) for each input and output
  • Special plastic box, resistant to water, dust and UV radiation.
  • Easy installation


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